Pricing and Terms

CO.A Real Estate PLC pricing information and terms of payment

Payment Terms

Various options will be given on the price.  The prices set for the property are reasonable for which our customer afford and would be satisfied.

The promotional price set for selling the flats is listed here-in-under with the different sizes available. A buyer can pay 50% advance followed by a Bank Collateral plan.  The buyer can also follow the follwing payment scheme.

The payment schedules for the clients who agree to pay periodically will be:

Payment Percentage Period
1st payment 50% Upon contract signing
2nd payment 25% After three months
3rd payment 25%% After 6 months


Sales Department

Contact Person: Serkaddis Yeshiwas

Mobile Number (1): +251 962 77 77 77

Mobile Number (2): +251 969 29 29 29

Head Quarter

Direct Landline Number: +251 118 10 90 90



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