Various options will be given on the price.  The prices set for the property are reasonable for which our customer afford and would be satisfied.

The promotional price set for selling the flats is listed here-in-under with the different sizes available. Note that the above discounts will be applied only on special bases.  They don’t go with seasonal discounts if any.

For clients, who will pay fifty (50%) and hundred percent (100%) at the time of agreement, there will be an additional discount of 2% and 5% from the agreed total amount respectively.

The payment schedules for the clients who agree to pay periodically will be:

Payment Percentage Period
1st payment 20% Upon contract signing
2nd payment 20% At completion of super-structure
3rd payment 20% At completion of, block work, Roofing & plastering works
4th payment 20% At completion of electrical & sanitary installation works, Aluminum, and chalk
5th payment 20% At completion of external doors, elevator installation and  other finishing works plus handover of the flat