A luxury home from the most trusted Grade A marbles and finishing materials supplier in Ethiopia.

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Affordable Luxury Homes

As it is well known, having a comfortable and secured shelter is a necessity to every individual and family. CO.A is pleased to propose its aesthetically planned and architecturally well designed apartment located in the residential area of the city on Summit.


Great Location

The location is accessible for any means of transportation like rail way and with nearby infrastructures like: markets, schools, police stations, hospitals, recreation centers, café and restaurant close by and superb scenery.  The design is well done to ensure the maximum functionality.

Luxury Features

  • Fully finished and ready to live in with 24/7 security system
  • Semi basement and ground parking
  • Convenient transportation with a well-developed infrastructure
  • Proximity to shopping centers, schools, health and recreational centers
  • Electricity back up by a generator 
  • and many more

The Luxury Apartment

CO.A is ready to give attractive and special offer for those who intended to buy in group.

Apartment 01

132 Sq Mt.  •  2 Bedrooms


Apartment 02

125.5 Sq Mt.  •  2 Bedrooms


Apartment 03

125 Sq Mt.  •  2 Bedrooms


about Co. A

CO.A General Trading PLC has started its operation and involved in the production and processing of marbles in all forms and finishes since 2002 E.C. In the year 2004 E.C we expanded our business by introducing Granites and become one of the leading building constructions finishing material importers in Ethiopia with a specialization of importing Grade A Granites. In addition to being the only importer of FQ Granite in Ethiopia we also have more than 3000 m2 workshop at easily reachable location with more than 5 bigger capacity resizing machineries.


Pricing and Terms

Various options will be given on the price.  The prices set for the property are reasonable for which our customer afford and would be satisfied.

The promotional price set for selling the flats is listed here-in-under with the different sizes available. Note that the above discounts will be applied only on special bases.  They don’t go with seasonal discounts if any.


Serve our client’s needs and produce properties with lasting values which is a foundation for our reputation of integrity. To be the fastest growing property developer and become East Africa’s most valuable real estate company.


Our mission at CO.A is to make real estate ownership as cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest level of service. We direct all our effort to provide excellent and reliable service to our highly valued clients. At CO.A we strive to be the partner of choice, provide value-added residential and commercial space through highly skilled and dedicated work of our expertise thereby increasing value for our stakeholders, and creating career opportunities and financial rewards for our employees. Moreover, we want to run the company in a way that actively recognizes the central role business play in the society by initiating and supporting innovative ways to protect and preserve our environment and improve the quality of life on due process.


  • Provide excellent and high standard real estate choice for customers,
  • Develop modern living compound that secure an easy lifestyle,
  • Offer valued product and service to our honored clients,
  • Know, meet and strive to exceed our clients’ expectation,
  • To be the number one investment choice,
  • Maximize our efficiency to the benefit of our company and clients alike,
  • Encourage entrepreneurial leadership & initiations among employees, and
  • Grow our business through creating resources and efficient real estate solutions.


  • Uncompromising integrity, honesty and fairness will be at the core of CO.A’s work. Our employees who are brand ambassadors of CO.A are highly dedicated to the enhancement of customers’ values and quality through communication, respect and team work. We always work in compliance with the community, environmental and legal requirements.


Sales Department

Contact Person: Serkaddis Yeshiwas

Mobile Number (1): +251 962 77 77 77

Mobile Number (2): +251 969 29 29 29

Head Quarter

Direct Landline Number: +251 118 10 90 90

Email: sales@coarealestateplc.com

Website: www.coarealestateplc.com

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